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We work to make your Audit and Accountancy a real opportunity to strengthen and grow your business.

annual audit and accounting services in Dublin 9
The annual audit is a statutory requirement for Limited Companies of a certain size that meet certain criteria.

During an Audit, our team will identify any inefficiencies in how a company operates and focus work on key risk areas. This will ensure that we carry out a cost effective Audit. During this work, we also build a strong working relationship with you, so that we can tackle any further issues or questions as they arise.

We understand how vital it is that business owners have accurate and timely financial reports. On final sign off of an Audit, we ensure you fully grasp the implications of our review, by providing a simple analysis and overview of the company’s financial performance.

We act for a wide range of businesses from medium sized companies to start-up businesses and currently provide Audit and Accountancy Services to clients in the following sectors:

Audit Exemption

We will advise if your company qualifies for Audit Exemption, which can substantially reduce your compliance costs.

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