Cloud technology and Internet make the world a smaller place. We source goods, speak with family and colleagues and pay for services, delivered thousands of kilometers away. Yet those personal relationships, formative years of training and respect for the work delivered and sharing of experiences informs the actions we take and often sees us cross paths throughout our careersThis article published in October  illustrates just that. Kevin Fitzgerald started his career in Moran and Partners almost 20 years ago. Kevin who is now Asia Regional Director for XERO outlines in the article the benefits he has measured with XERO clients in Hong Kong. Utilising certain XERO features such as online invoicing that lets you know when a customer had seen the invoice, and add-ons such as direct links to bank accounts has seen results for clients like;

  • Average number of days an invoice took to get paid dropped from 43 to 32 days
  • Direct links with bank accounts save up to 15 hours a month
  • Reduced client administration time by 70%

Our long-standing connection with Kevin brought XERO, our cloud computing platform of choice to our attention a few years ago.  Automating book-keeping frees our staff up to provide a more advisory role to help grow clients business. The additional real-time insights offered by XERO makes the advice given more meaningful and actionable.

Talk to us today about the benefits.

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